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Coaching and counselling

Posted on 27 June, 2016 at 0:10 Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my blog.

I have had the website a while and have posted blogs before but starting a fresh and am pleased to have a postitive theme to write about.

Small achievements need to be celebrated! Taking a young horse, Smooth de Nero, to his first show and coming home with a red rossette and passing my level 4 counselling course.

It is however, not the winning or having a certificate as many will not understand the significance of either but what is universal to all of us is the feelings that we experience when something goes our way.

To invest time, money, emotional effort and put yourself into a postition where a result is achieved can also feel like going out of your comfort zone. When we then recieve positive feedback it makes us feel like it was all worth it and that is how I feel today.

I made the most of the show by meeting up with friends, enjoying the company I shared and having a special, quality time with my lovely horse.

The only challenge was a head cold I carried around all day but was glad it didn't stop me completely and although it meant I was happy to get home I'm sure the fresh air and exercise helped lift my spirits.

My counselling head ensured I took care of myself, remembering to take food and drinks, was able to ask for help when required and stayed self aware of my inner chatter.

The inner coach reminded me of the importance of keeping to the plan, taking in my surroundings fully and being aware of what was expected of me. I went with the intention of providing a safe learning environment where a young horse could experience the atmosphere of a show ground and then walk and trot when asked in front of a judge. He also had to load, travel, stand quietly and remain calm and relaxed.

All was achieved. What I took home was the thought of bringing extra items for convenience (bridle hook) on our next trip and that I need to pull more of his mane so that plaiting is easier next time. Keeping it simple but it has structure and is realistic.

I have been busy with BE and have had several successful Event Training days. They seem to be going well and looking forward to a summer camp in August.

Happy riding :)

Victoria x